Chinese Course for Short Duration(དུས་ཐུང་རྒྱ་མིའི་ཁ་སྐད་སྦྱོང་བརྡར་ཞབས་ཏོག) – 2 weeks

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Chinese Course Semi Basic Level for short duration.

Simi Basic Level : The basic level course consists of total training duration of 25.hours,

2:30 hours a day on weekdays  Master more than 307 basic vocabularies, 443 words

and 42 sentence structures.

Lessons topics  as below:

First Day: Pronunciation

Second Day: Pronunciation

Third Day: everyday Language  pronunciation  drills  1 ,2 AND 3.

Fourth Day:  everyday Language  pronunciation  drills 4 ,  5  and classroom phrases.

Fifth Day:  Lesson 1 :  What is your name?  Lesson 2, hello good morning.

Lesson 3, I like to watch to movies,  Lesson 4, how much is this pen?

Lesson 5, there are five members in my family.

Sixth Day: Lesson 6, I am thinking about buying a new Camara. Lesson 7,

Your French is really nice. Lesson 8,  This is our newly purchased television.  Lesson 9,

Where is your School? Lesson 10, I went to Japan.

Seventh Day:  Lesson 11, When do you get of class?

Lesson 12, I went abroad for more than eight months.

Lesson 13, I was sick,   Lesson 14, How do you get there?

Lesson 15, Please suggest some dishes to us.

Eighth Day: Lesson 16, Please tell her to give me a call when she gets  back.

Lesson 17, Chinese sounds as good as French.  Lesson 18, welcome to the neighborhood.

Lesson 19, Where do you want to hang this painting?  Lesson 20, They are waiting for us downstairs.

Ninth Day: Lesson 21, Is this box big enough? Lesson 22, I can’t run that much far. Lesson 23, Let’s have a nice celebration. Lesson 24, I got my watch lost. Lesson 25, Congratulations.

Tenth Day:   Examination.

Lay a foundation of knowledge about Chinese language and basic culture. The main

objective of the course is to achieve learning of basic necessary vocabulary, simple verbs,

and sentence structures and comfortably communicate as quickly as possible such as self

introduction,  receiving guests etc.

The course place is very near from  City bus and Taxi Station,  walk from Station to Classroom is only taking 2 minutes only.  Contact no,17300743/77300743/17829061

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