Our Mission(རྒྱ་མི་གྱི་སྐད་ཡིག་སྦྱངས་དགོཔ་ཀྱི་དམིགས་ཡུལ)

The mission of the Ugyen International Language and culture Institute

is to foster the learning of the Chinese language and the culture of the Chinese and Bhutanese through its regularly scheduled intensive Chinese program and its various other programs scheduled on demand.

Ugyen International Language and Culture Training Institute is a self-supporting program. It is intended to serve speakers of other languages and is dedicated to offering superior instruction and best possible occasions for practice, using current materials (Projector) and techniques, and providing an ideal learning environment.

These goals are accomplished by a well-trained staff enthusiastically committed to the success of all learners, actively involved in meeting their needs, and unquestionably focused on functioning as a team for the greater good of all concerned.

This notification is to inform all the candidates who are interested in learning Chinese language.

The Chinese markets are widely covered all over the world along with Chinese language and product that plays a vital role in it. We can see 40% of the Global Business is done by China alone, hence, there is always chance for getting job for one who can speak and write Chinese.

On the other side not only about dealing of the products of China but also there are more Chinese who are interested in learning  Buddhism too.

And also we see many tourists who visit our country and majority are from China and the number of visitors is increasing yearly.  So the number of guide requirement might increase.

Therefore our institute will provide services to Guide, Tour Operators, Handicraft dealers, Monks and Nuns… etc.

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