Chinese Mandarin Language Class in a Day (ཉིན་རེའི་སློབ་སྟོན་གྱི་དུས་ཚོད) – 3 Shifts

3 shifts in a day

There are three periods or shifts in a day i.e we have morning shift, afternoon shift and evening shift. So the Trainees can choice either of the shift based on their time availability.

However, after selection of their shifts the trainees are allowed to seat only for that shift. Morning shift trainees are not allowed to continue in next two shifts and likewise afternoon shifts trainees are not allowed to continue with evening shift trainees and vice versa. The point is trainees can attain only 1 shift in a day whichever they feel is convenient to them.

Timing of the three shifts:

  1. The morning shift starts at 1000 hrs – 1200 hrs
  2. Afternoon shift starts at 1400 hrs – 1600 hrs and
  3. The evening shift starts at 1800 hrs – 2000 hrs


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