Announcement on Chinese Language & Dharma teaching རྒྱ་མིའི་ཁ་སྐད་དང་ནང་ཆོས་སློབ་སྟོན་གྱི་ཁྱབ་བསྒྲགས་གསར་པ།

                SATURDAY 1st Dec 2017 NEWS

Mandarin Chinese Course

UILCTI 6th batch Semi-Basic Chinese Language Course starts from Dec. 1st, 2017. The Course will be taking 1 hr 30 min every day till Friday.

Timing of the 7th batch Mandarin Chinese Course

Everyday from Monday to Friday the class starts at 6 p.m – 8 p.m except on government holidays, otherwise, the class will be as usual.

The Institute also offers 1 month Semi-Basic Chinese Course to youth during their summer and winter vacation. For winter vacation it starts from Dec. 15th 2017. Everyday the Course will be taking 2 hrs till Friday. The course fee for the student is discounted to Nu.3,500 only for a month. However, the seats are limited and it shall be booked by first register. Late comers shall be highly regretted.



About the Course Duration

New news for Chinese  Language Mandarin, and Dharma teaching


More About the Chinese Course Duration

Basic Course duration:

The individual who don’t want to go for Intermediate course can also study the Basic Chinese Mandarin for the period of 3 months. Certificate will be provided after the completion of the course.

Intermediate Course Duration

The duration for the Intermediate Course will be of 3 months. Certificate of Intermediate qualification in Chinese Mandarin will be provided too after successful completion of the course.

Advance and Iconography Course Duration

The Advance and Iconography Course duration will be 6 months.

During Advance Chinese Mandarin class the course will be taught fully through the medium of Chinese language only.

The Ugyen International Language and Culture Training Institutes 5th batch Basic, Intermediate, Advance and Iconography Chinese Mandarin Course registration starts from June 15th – July 15th 2017, the class starts from 1st August 2017.

We also entertain the youth who are willing to learn the Chinese language Course in their summer and winter vacation with some consideration in fees, therefore parents can examine about your children future benefits of learning Chinese Mandarin Language at low cost.

The course for the student will be Semi-Basic for the period of one month.

We would like you to register from now, because we have only limited space.

དབྱིན་ལོ་ ༢༠༡༧ གྱི་དབྱིན་ཟླ་དང་པའི་དབྱིན་ཚེས་༨ ལས་གཟའ་ཟླ་བ་ཨ་རྟག་ར་ཉིན་མའི་ཆུ་ཚོད་༢ ལས་ ༤ ཚུན་ཚོད་དམ་ཆོས་ཀུན་བཟང་བླ་མའི་ཞལ་ལུང་མཁན་པོ་ཨྱོན་བཀྲིས་ནས་རིན་མེད་སྟོང་པ་སྦེ་སྟོན་ནི་ཨིནམ་ལས་གཟིགས་འདོད་ཡོད་མི་ཚུ་ག་ར་འབད་རུང་ ད་ལྟོ་ལས་ཐོ་བཀོད་འབད་ཆོག་ཟེར་ཞུ་ནི་ཨིན།

Free Services Provided

Every Sunday afternoon from 2:00 p.m – 4:00 p.m Best Guru Speech is going to teach  by the Khenpo Ugyen Tashi. We welcome all the interested candidate who are willing to learn about Best Guru Speech. Best Guru Speech will be talking on the foundation of mediation practice.

For further details contact us at:

B mobile #: 17684689/17829061 / 77300743

Institute Email –

Class location:

Building 4F. Thimphu Plaza, Main town, Thimphu.

Near the Taxi and Bus Station, it is very convenient even if you want to take a Bus or Taxi,

Its only takes 2 minute walk from the City Bus and Taxi station.

About our class room:

Our class room have clean, bright and wider in area with wide glasses windows which is transparent to outside scenario.

Therefore  some time we can  easily enjoy outside scenery, fresh air and nature light.


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