New advertise for Chinese and Tuition

Ugyen International Language and Culture Training Institute

The Our Institute is going to give second Chinese Mandarin course on 14th September 2016.

and we have also going to giving tuition services for the students. The tuition starts on  15th September 2016; it’s going to give tuition for all the level of students starting from Primary school students to High school students.

Dzongkha, English, Math, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), History (Bhutan History, World History and Indian History), Geography and Economics are the subjects that are going to teach for Middle Secondary students in their tutoring class. And for the High School students the subject that are going to teach are for Arts and Commerce students Mathematics, Accounts, English, Dzongkha, Commerce, Economics and History (Bhutan History, World History and Indian History) and for Science students too inclusive of all Science subjects of both Pure Science and Bio-science. The Institute is going to give tuition for all subjects that the students are studying in their schools. However, for the primary students the tuition class is for grade four and above only i.e. class four, five and six.

The Institute has hired most experienced teachers who are having a minimum teaching experience of 5 years, where most of them have mastered qualification and some has done PHD. The registration for the tutoring class starts from 5th August 2016 till 30th August 2016. The seats are limited, so, interested student may register as fast as possible and the seats are for fast come fast.

So for further details contact may contact us at:


TCell# 77300743

Institute Email –




Class location:

Building 3F.Thimphu Plaza, main town, Thimphu.

Near the Taxi and Bus Station ,it is very convenient if you want to take a Bus or Taxi,

Its only takes 3 minute walk from the City Bus and Taxi station.

About our class room:

Our class room have clean and many wide windows and glasses door.

Therefore  some time we can  easily enjoy  of outside scenery , fresh air and nature light.

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